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May Che, Yoga Therapist & Instructor


Yoga is so rich in tradition and science that I’ve spent over a decade practicing, studying, and sharing its philosophies. I even found myself spending two years abroad, journeying through many parts of India – living and learning in ashrams and training centers. It also brought me to Thailand, Spain, and Singapore to study and teach diverse yoga traditions. My credentials include...(...more on May Che)

May Che, E-RYT 500, YTRx, POLY
Yoga Therapist & Instructor


Yoga therapy has powerful effects in relieving pain sensations and assist in recovery from injuries and ailments (both old or new). If properly utilized, it strengthens all Systems of the Body including muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive, immune, excretory, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, and reproductive system.

Furthermore, studies have shown that mental stress is the leading cause to pains and illnesses experienced in the physical body. Enduring such pains and illnesses inevitably leads to added mental distress, perpetuating this cycle of dis-ease. Yoga Therapy aims to break that cycle by addressing the whole person and considering the physical, mental, and emotional states - holistically improving one's overall sense of well being. (...more on Yoga Therapy)

May Che, Yoga Therapist + Instructor
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